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About Us

About WordAlive Publishers

Africa is often referred to as the ‘dark continent’ afflicted with poverty, disease, war, and failed leadership. WordAlive Publishers, based in Nairobi, Kenya, however believes that Africa is also a place of breathtaking beauty, generosity, hope and possibility. WordAlive therefore seeks to make a difference by being a catalyst of social transformation by publishing issues of relevance to Africa, nurturing and encouraging indigenous writing and creativity, and promoting a culture of reading.

WordAlive, the publisher of the Africa Bible Commentary, also seeks to stimulate depth of growth on the African publishing and book trade scene through developing writers, training editors, and marketing high quality books by African authors who address African realities, as well as promoting works by international authors who have a message relevant to the African context. WordAlive Publishers is a member of Kenya Publishers Association.

The WordAlive Vision

Transformed African societies, one person at a time.

The WordAlive Mission

The WordAlive mission is to provide excellent resources that affirm biblical values in order to grow people and organizations in Africa towards performance, productivity, and the achievement of their purpose.

The WordAlive Value Proposition

We will provide readers with content that is full of fresh, powerful, thought-provoking life-changing content, packaged in appealing formats, and available through widely accessible channels.

The WordAlive Unique Selling Proposition

Absolutely fresh, powerful life-changing ideas.

The WordAlive Philosophy

Servants of our Customers: WordAlive seeks to exceed customer expectations by providing outstanding products, friendly service and excellent value.

Shepherds of our Employees: People are the source of our strength and we are concerned with each individual employee’s personal and professional growth.

Stewards of the Company: We are custodians of the history and life of the company, increasing its overall value and ensuring the realization of its goals and objectives.

Strong Business, Strong Ministry Model: We believe that there is no dichotomy between business and ministry, we therefore seek to be strong in business and strong in ministry: we are 100% business and 100% ministry.