Adversity makes one stronger

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August 2012 was a dark month for the 150 employees of Kenya Airways whose jobs were cut.

During this time of coming to grips with such dreadful news, the people affected may feel like life has come to an end and that their dreams have been cut short. In Fred Geke’s Big Dream for Ordinary People, he writes that most people do go through moments when they feel like life has lost all meaning. “Every time you are startled out of your sleep in the dead of the night the first thing that assaults your mind is the reality of the sword that is hanging over your head”.

While the two companies have promised to provide counselling to the employees they cut, the fact is that these people will have to confront their new reality and find something else to do: birthing dreams in adversity. Fred advises that in such circumstances, it is helpful to accept that things may get worse before they start getting better. It may mean losing everything before rising to one’s greatness. On the brighter side, letting go keeps the hands free to catch what else is coming.

Fred further explains that moments of adversity can help you confront and defeat your fears. Failure, loss and pain can offer an opportunity to discover your true inner person, deal with what’s holding you back, and in so doing, bring true success. Maybe it is the time to start that business, build closer relationships with family and friends, travel to places you’ve always dreamed of, or pick up a new hobby.

“Some birds will fly away, never to be seen again – let go what must go. That will release your hands to take hold of what is coming”. – Fred Geke‘s Big Dream for Ordinary People

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