Are you finding misery in success?

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What is success? Good education or job, money in the bank, owning land, a car or two? The difference between success and fruitfulness (a fulfilled life) has been clouded by our perceptions and societal expectations.

To achieve this “success”  we [Kenyans] have chosen to be corrupt. No, let’s not point at politicians, we have all made it our way of life. In companies we get kickbacks when we award contracts, we bride our way to get a contract, we con each other, we inflate prices to make a killing, and we take manufacturing shortcuts to cut costs.

Our success is judged by material wealth one has attained and thus, as become our dream. Still, we are not happy with our success. In Dare to Dream Again!, Fred Geke points out that “we can attain our dream to the last detail and still end up in misery”.

He suggests five keys to attaining fruitfulness:

Key 1: We do not attain success. We obey, make the effort, but only God gives true success.

Key 2: God assures success where covenant exists.

Key 3: Faithfulness to the covenant must supersede our drive for success.

Key 4: When God’s Covenant is our priority, He answers promptly.

Key 5: Understand your purpose clearly and avoid distractions.

“As you pursue your success, remember that we can plan well, work hard, and put in money into achieving our dreams but true success must come from the Lord.” – Fred Geke’s Dare to Dream Again.

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