Believe in Possibilities

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Eric Kimani has achieved what most people can only dream of. A former corporate executive, he gave up a life of “working hard and playing hard” and now lives a spiritually filled life, is tremendously healthy, is a passionate philanthropist, a motivational speaker, and a successful entrepreneur. Eric found his purpose in life by reconnecting with God and reading personal development books like the late Stephen R. Covey‘s First Things First, which led him to embrace “abundance mentality”.

In his first book, Wisdom for Abundant Living, Eric tells the story of how his change in attitude changed his entire life. “My conviction is that the difference between successful people and everyone else is largely in their attitude.”

“Scarcity mentality,” he writes, leads people to believe that there “is never enough of anything to go around,” that to have success, someone else must fail. Or that to have something, someone else must be denied it.

People with an abundance mentality

  • Take time to hear and experience themselves while appreciating their surroundings
  • Keep their mind and body tune through wide reading and physical exercise
  • Serve others
  • Let those below them grow and hence give themselves the opportunity to grow even further
  • Know when to get out before they become stale
  • Are visionaries; they have a long-term of life
  • Are problem solvers and are consequently popular with both their superiors and their subordinates
  • Are courageous
  • Understand and respect the law of sowing and reaping
  • Are passionate about everything they take up
  • Treat whatever they take on as a project
  • Live a transcendent life

Wisdom of Abundant Living cross-cuts all facets of life and helps the reader understand God’s purpose for us, gives words of wisdom on how to get over setbacks, provides insights on how to find, or be, a good employee. Eric also provides principles that can be used run a successful business, to identify a good leader (especially now with the General Elections due to held in March 2013), have a successful marriage, raise great children, and do charity work.

“Believing in possibility will not only drive you towards opportunities, but will also help you through failure and setbacks.”- Eric Kimani.

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