Bible Stories for Children

children bibleMost parents/guardians wonder how they can introduce their children to the great stories and characters of the Bible in a simple, yet entertaining way. One of the common ways has been through dramatization, however, what if you can have a children’s Bible story book that both of you can read together every day?

WordAlive Publishers offers three children’s Bible story books for ages three and over: Bible for Toddlers, My 100 Best loved Bible Stories and The Children’s Bible in 365 stories.  Each of them contains magnificent illustrations that aims to capture the children’s imagination. They break down key Bible stories so that they are easily understood your young ones, thus giving you an excellent approach to help your children know about God’s and Jesus’ love without any distorted interpretations. And they would make for the perfect gifts this Christmas.

  • Bible for Toddlers – In fantastic bright artwork and carefully constructed sentences for ages 0-4 years, this Bible story book contains 20 classic stories.
  • My 100 Best-Loved Bible Stories – As the title suggests 100 best-loved Bible stories have been selected and bring the Bible to life for children age three and up. Staying faithful to the Bible text, the stories are presented in a way the young listeners will find easy to understand and enjoy.