Bigger on the Inside

CatLionMirrorEver been on a tarmac road, or in the desert, or somewhere else with flat ground on a very hot day? You probably saw what might have looked like a sparkling lake or a pool of water far in the distance. If it happened that you were thirsty and did not have have water to quench your parched lips, you may have been frustrated to realize that what had seemed like a lush oasis was nothing more than a mirage. Appearance is not always reality.

The fig tree grows to about 30 feet tall and has large, lobed deep green leaves that lend a tropical air to the tree. It produces the fig, a luscious fruit with high nutrient content. There is a story in the Bible about Jesus and the fig tree. On an early morning, Jesus saw a lush fig tree and being hungry; he drew near to it, certain he would get some figs to eat. Zilch. How disappointing!

Isn’t life so much like this? Our public self – how we project ourselves to others – can be very different from our private self – our core, or who we are instinctively. Public self is the behavior we exhibit according to how we think other people expect us to act. We spend an awful lot of time editing and managing our public self while giving little or no attention to the real we – our core. So when people are drawn to us by our attractive, well-managed exterior they get disappointed when they’re confronted by a different reality.

I read a story of a man who took his daughter to a carnival. Upon entering, the little girl immediately rushed to a booth and asked for cotton candy. As the attendant handed her a huge ball of it, the father asked, “Sweetheart, are you sure you can eat all of that candy?”

“Don’t worry, Dad,” she answered. “I’m a lot bigger on the inside than I am on the outside.”

How about making deliberate effort to be “a lot bigger on the inside” in 2015 by spending more time “editing” your core – the private self? We can reach heights we may not think ourselves capable of if we plumb the depths of whom we are and release the incredible potential lying dormant within us.

I hope you flourish in 2015!

©2015 David Waweru