Do It Now!

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A wise man once said that if you wait for the perfect moment, you will never get anything done. A good number of us however only get stirred to action by the emergence of a crisis, when we run helter skelter trying to make things happen.

We know what we ought to do but we just don’t do it. We tell ourselves that tomorrow will be a better day to get it done, that it will bring better opportunities. However, our later ends up becoming our never. We miss the chance to turn our dream into reality. Instead, we end up with a trailer load of excuses. In this unforgiving world, you either have excuses, or results, not both. The choice is yours.

The choices we make, or don’t make, today will without a doubt have an influence on our tomorrow. So,why don’t we just DO IT NOW?

Some of us are afraid of the unknown, so we end up sitting on our novel ideas and big dreams. They end up remaining as such; ideas and dreams. What we may not realize––as another wise man said––is that fear never stops death; it only stops life.

For others, indecision is the killer of their ideas and dreams. Every day they have a different idea than the one they had yesterday. They just cannot make up their minds on what they want, not even whom they would wish to marry between Susan and Mary.

Others are simply lazy and just want it easy. They want quick fixes and would prefer to have someone else cast their demons out in 15 minutes rather than adopt a lifestyle of daily self-development.

Some other people have no room for failure. They only commit to something when the conditions are perfect. This kind of perfectionism is a dream killer. We live in an imperfect world with imperfect systems and once in a while, things do fall apart. We need to learn to make room for such.

Yet for others, starting is never the problem. Their problem is indiscipline. This category of people never gets to finish what they start. They do not know how to turn challenges into steppingstones for future success. They lack consistency. They are nervous about pushing their limits, afraid of getting out of their comfort zones. So they end up quitting.

One of the Champions from whom I learned so much in my boxing career––Mohammed Ali–– once said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’”.

Champions do not procrastinate. They do today what needs to be done today. They make the changes that need to be made today. They make the decisions that need to be made today. That way, everyday they become what they aspire to be…bit by bit––one day at a time.