Is ‘Being Average’ in My DNA?

By Dr. Paul Bundi, author, Journey to Academic Success and Beyond


Schooling isn’t easy. It has never been. Truth is, in life, the best things are the hardest to crack. Academic success is one of those things that doesn’t happen on a silver platter. You may ask, is academic success not a preserve of a few, blessed and favoured people? Favoured by genetics and situation?

NO! Even history’s greatest academic achievers had to trudge the all-too-familiar route. Einstein, Boyle, Churchill, and nearer home, Obel, Ogot, and indeed anybody who has made a mark in school is joined by a common thread. They worked hard and believed, despite the circumstances. From what history tells us, Einstein encountered problems like dyslexia, but he never gave up.

Suppose all those people settled for the average just because they were ‘born average’? Yet their creative thinking has contributed immensely in changing culture, science, technology, and politics. Academic DNA, is therefore, mutable and is shaped by what you tell yourself.

Academic success is like a journey on a bicycle – you stop pedalling and it stops. This means that those who will make a mark have to cycle all the way. It does not depend on your DNA. It boils down to how commitment you are to your goals.

At the start of this epic journey, what matters most is what we tell ourselves. It’s a mammoth journey. In the words of TD Jakes, you don’t have to convince a giant that you will kill him; instead, convince yourself that you will slay the giant. Isn’t this the David Vs Goliath Principle?

So, rather than look outwards and underestimate yourself, instead, garland your best efforts, reassure yourself, get down to work, and stay the course. Your academic journey will be assured of the success you long for.