Talking reading and development

The Kenyan education system is widely perceived as geared towards workforce development only, with little regard to personal enrichment through lifelong learning. This was the subject of the second Kenyan Book Experience, organized by WordAlive Publishers for authors – considered as thought leaders – to engage key stakeholders and society on issues pertaining to reading, lifelong learning, and national development.

Under the theme Reading for Socioeconomic Development, the dialogue focused on the correlation between reading, education, and development. Research has shown that countries with high levels of economic and scientific development have invested heavily in improving their education systems to match the trade and industry needs. This dialogue was part of WordAlive’s series of annual events meant to stir Kenyans to write, inspire even more others to read, and foster socioeconomic development.

The discussants for the 2012 Kenyan Book Experience were seven WordAlive fiction and non-fiction authors: Eric Kimani (Wisdom for Abundant Living), Paul Bundi (Journey to Academic Success), Grace Kimathi (Heart to Heart), Ken Monyoncho (How to Invest if the Financial Markets), Fred Geke (Big Dreams for Ordinary People), Shel Arensen (The Rugendo Rhinos Series) and Harry Kraus (A Zebra Tale) whose works and expertise spotlighted this theme.