Yes, Ordinary People Can Dream Big


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Fred Geke’s success in-tray is full. He is an author of six books, motivational speaker, founding pastor of House of Mercy and family man. This is because when he was young, he was no ordinary dreamer.

In his latest book, Big Dreams for Ordinary People, he shares with readers his personal journey to assist them recognise the big dream, enjoy the process, give them the strength to move forward and steps to seize the opportunity to make it happen.

He writes this nostalgic sentence, “ordinary as we are, we have no trouble day-dreaming ourselves into desired lifestyles or achievements”. Even as they spent their time picking jiggers from each others’ feet, they did not stop day dreaming of a better life.

Fred cautions that the lack of inner inspiration is the main reason for mediocrity and will lead to setting goals low enough not to fail. “When we run out of dreams, or we stack up a heap of dashed hopes, inevitably we suffer heartbreak,” he writes.

Fred aims to help other ordinary people to realise their dreams through his experience, personal life and observations that people can relate to and use in their daily lives. Fred – the pastor – gives scripture quotations that are right on the mark. After all, his ministry is based in Kikuyu is commitment is to “heal the broken-hearted and set captive free”.

In one of his previous books, Dare to Dream Again, the readers get pointers on how to not let go of their dreams and to get over the bump in the road to move forward. In the new one, he advises “anything worth doing in life often calls for four important inputs: confrontation, work, time and patience”.

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